Confused after colposcopy

Hi all, I’ve been left feeling very confused after my colposcopy last Friday. I had my first smear last month (age 24) and results came back with borderline abnormalities; but because i was HPV positive i was referred for a colposcopy. The fact that results were ‘borderline’ was what kept me from worrying myself to insanity. However, during the colposcopy examination the doctor and nurse looked very concerned and said that the cells look more like ‘high grade dyskaryosis’ and took 2 biopsies. She asked me if i had any bleeding during sex, which i do. Treatment wasn’t carried out because the difference between smear and how cells appeared at colpo were so different, the doctor wanted results first. Surely the cells couldn’t have changed that mush in 5 weeks?? I now have to wait 4 weeks for results and am driving myself mad with worry.

If anyone could shed some light or even just share similar experiences i would be very grateful.

Hi Kayley,

The same thing happened to me pretty much - I got a letter after my smear saying low grade but with HPV the. Wh I had the colposcopy they seemed surprised that two areas of white shows up clearly after they put the dye on my cervix. They took 3 biopsies and I am now almost 3 weeks in waiting for the results. Each day I hope ther is a letter just to tell me what's going on! I'm wondering whether at smar test what they use only catches a couple of cells from each bit of the cervix as all of my abnormal ones are at the top.

i hope you get your results soon, I'm sure everything will be ok X 

Hi Rachel,

Thank you for replying, its nice to know someone is going through a similar experience. The waiting is killing me too! I have heard that its not unusual for smears to be incorrect and that obveously colposcopy is much more detailed and accurate; therefore im more inclined to believe what the doctor said at colposcopy than the results of the smear. I didnt look at the screen but wishing i had now :(.

Best of luck with the results, hope they arrive soon!
K xx