confused after colposcopy

Hiya every one I had my colposcopy this morning, no white cells turned up and apart from a red patch that showed up she said my cervix looked good, but she's now sent me to have blood tests to check my blood count or something and I have to get a pelvic scan to look at my overlies and womb, 

Has anyone else had this or known reason why she wants them checked? 


Also she took more swabs 

Hi :-)

Well having just re-read your other post I think what is going on here is that they were expecting to find cervical cancer and they didn't, so now they are trying to find out what else might be causing your symptoms.

Be lucky


So does that mean now that their looking for cancer in my overlies maby?, I had my blood tests yesterday as well and they said I should have them by next weds, would that said anything?, she said they needed to look at my white cell blood count but I don't have a clue what that is lol x

Your white blood cells are your immune system which help to fight infection, and I think they also have something to do with your lymph nodes, I recently had a full wide range blood test and they said my white cells were a little low but it was nothing to worry about and they would re test in a months time.

Oh right, thank you, so would  that give them some indication as to why I have the lump? X