confused advise needed

Hi I had a smear test that showed high grade dyskaryosis and a colposcopy was suggested i had this done and  some biopsy were taken i was told treetment was needed and they wont wate till the results were back i was booked in under ga and had it done 8 days ago. iv only just got the results from the biospy   from the .colposcopy back that read.that my biospys did not show any worrying abnormaitys and that there were no evidence of any abnormal cells as suggested by the cervial smear, it is there for necessary to carry out futher assessment which will involve diathermy loop excision which of cause i have already had done, what i dont understand is if there were not any abnormal cells as suggested by the smear  why was treetment suggested and carried out they must have seen something to  suggest treetment need doing quick i do remember her saying shes not sure if she got the biopsys she wanted something about being high up, none of this makes sence to me 

Hi Linda,

I'm sorry you've had results that have confused you. If these are the biopsy results, you will be receiving results soon from the tissue taken during the loop treatment. Punch biopsies only take a tiny bit so it's possible they missed the abnormality and the loop result might be different. What did your smear show? (Just as an example my biopsy last year showed no HPV when the next smear showed positive for HPV, and it must've been there all along as I hadn't had a new parther.)

What you can do is ring the hospital on Monday and ask to speak to the consultant's secretary and say you're confused. Or ring the colposcopy clinic and speak to one of the nurses. They'll hopefully be able to answer your questions and might know when they'll have your loop results. It doesn't help that these things tend ot happen at the weekend as then you can't speak to anyone. 

Take care x

hi thanks for reply my smear showed  highgrade dyskaryosis i  was negative for the hpv and treetment was needed asp now the resalts are saying no abnormal cells found as smear suggested. they must have seen something at the colposcopy or they wont have suggested the treetment guess i will just have to wate till the loop resalts come back,


They stain the cervix during a colposcopy. These stains show up abnormal areas. It would be very unusual for them to procede with a LLETZ before getting biopsy results if there were no abnormal areas, so it's likely they something to go ahead with the LLETZ (loop). But if you ring the hosptial they'll be able to tell you. If you're going to be worrying between now and getting your results about there being no abnormal areas, phoning the hospital might be the best thing. 

All the best x

Hi thanks for reply i rang the clinic and what they said was the biopsy that they took at the colposcopy  did not show any  cancerous cells as  the smear test had first indicated,. how ever i did have pre cancerous cells that needed treetment  just have to wate for the llezt results to confirm this  


I'm glad you were able to speak to someone at the clinc. Hope it's put your mind at rest, and that you get your results soon.

Take care x

Hi yes it has, i thought i had, had the treetment when there was no need to, just a wateing game now think thats the worse part hope you get yours soon linda x

Hi, I agree, the waiting is really hard, no question about it :(

Take care of yourself x