Confused -advice needed

Hi guys, I'm new here but just wanted some advice. I got my first smear 1 year ago which came back as abnormal so I was sent for colposcopy and a biopsy was taken. The results came back as fine and they put it down to inflammation. I went back after 6 months for another colposcopy and the lady said everything looked ok but she would do a biopsy to be on the safe side. The results came back fine, it didn't say anything about abnormal cells or any changes - however it also said they would have a disciplinery meeting about me. 

I then got another letter last month saying they had done the meeting and agreed I will need a lletz which is now booked for next week. Why do I need this treament if all my results have come back ok? Are they just being extra cautious or are they leaving some info out? Has anyone else had something similar before? 



I'm not really sure why they would want to do a lletz if anything came back normal I would definitely question it before they do it, It may be that they are just being over cautious as you had some inflammation at your first smear it may be the start of abnormal cells but not enough to be graded as CIN X 


My first time on here, so im a bit nervous. I dont normally talk about my problems let alone on a web site,however, I just

wanted to know if anyone else has had the same experance as me? I went for a colposcopy last friday 2nd Oct, and and had a punch

biopsy because the docter said the cervics had turned white??? I am waiting for the results. I now feel awfull? is this normal? I  have lower back pain and feel bloated all the time??

I also passd out drawing the biopsy, the doctor said it was something to do with a nerve not liking the biopsy being taken?? and my heart rate slowing down?? Sorry i was abit out of it to ask any more questions haha!!!!

Good luck to every one, it sometimes sucks being a women!!!!!!!

I had my colposcopy and LLETZ at the same time on tuesday. He couldn't see any abnormal cells/nothing showed up white but because my smear had shown up abnormal he removed tissue from lower down and higher up just to be on the safe side!

I didn't find the treatment too bad, but I didnt have to have a biopsy as they just sent off the tissue they removed (had local so couldnt feel it.) I have had period and back pains since and felt really bloated and tired.

Hope your results come back soon! Waiting is awful!



Thanks, Im sure im worring abot nothing, just sometimes nice to say it out load.


I think half the after effects are emotional, it's so draining not knowing!

people always say try not to worry but it's impossible not to



Just to update, I went on Tuesday and asked lots of questions. They had decided to do lletz to be extra cautious as the cells are abnormal but not enough to be graded as cin1 2 or 3. But left alone, over the next few years it is highly likely that they would turn that way and I would need a lletz then. 

The lletz itself was fine and I didn't feel any pain, haven't had any bleeding yet just some brown discharge. I would say I feel more bloated than having cramps and just generally tired/needing rest. Fingers crossed for the results in a few weeks