Confused advice needed

Hi just been told I have squamous cell carcinoma cin3 the nurse said she thinks it's early stages so I have been to see consultant and he wants to do an internal check on me what is booked in for the 23 march then a MRI scan to conferm stage I  so scared and worried the nurse told me it's not an aggressive cancer and responds well to treatment i don't want to start googling it  any advice would be 

nice thanks x

Hello sweetheart,

Squamous cell carcinoma is about 80% of cervical cancer and it's the one on the surface, not the one that goes in deep, if that's any consolation at all. It's sounding as though you've landed somewhere quite lucky :-)

Keep smiling



Thank you tivoli for your reply I keep thinking the worst and freaking myself out I don't really have anyone to talk too am so glad I found this site it has helped me a lot thanks x

Hi Cvs

We are all guilty of thinking the worse in the early days - you are not alone there.  I had squamous cell too and Tivoli is right in what she says about it.  I was treated really successfully for it as indeed loads of ladies are.

You'll never be alone on this site, we'll all be here to help and support you through this.  Be strong, you can get through this.

Big hugs