Confused ... Advice needed please (children mentioned)


ive just been to the doctors yesterday which ended up with having a urgent ultrasound tomorrow morning.


ive been told they will be looking out for cervical cancer, along with other things. I'm 27 with 2 small children and due to be married this year. I'm now in a huge panic. I've been light bleeding for over 2 weeks, slight dull back ache similar to cramp I suppose and bleeding after sex. I don't have periods as I'm on the depo injection contraception, which I have never had a bleed in the whole time I've been on it.

the doctor looked for the common causes and it's not any of them. I feel stupid as I didn't ask any questions just accepted the appointment for a scan and left now I just don't know what to feel.

my mother had had abnormal cells her whole adult life but nothing has ever come from it. I'm just extremely worried.


would be grateful for some advice please x


It's quite normal to forget to ask questions whilst seeing the Doctor, I bet you had so much on your mind and it was probably a lot to take in. How was your ultrasound appointment? Hope it went ok.


Emily xx