Confused about results

Hi everyone,

I hope you are all coping as well as possible if you are on this horrible journey. I have had lletz a couple of weeks ago and am waiting for results. However, I had a colposcopy and biopsy before this which showed CGIN and no cancer.

Can anyone tell me if my lletz results are likely to be any different from this? Obviously I know I just need to wait but I am so impatient and finding hard to think of anything else :(

hi i didnt want to read and not reply sorry i cant answer though i was wondering that myself. i am due to have my lletz treatment in feb, im sure i have read on here people have said that it can be different. i think its just because biopsies are a tiny part of the affected area when they remove the whole thing it will all be looked at and tested. i would try not to worry too much though. i am just taking it as i have Cin 3 like they said and hopefully that will be that lol. trying to think positively. hope all goes ok.