confused about progression of CIN

Hi all, I'm new here.

I hope everyone is OK today and was wondering if any of you lovely ladies could shed some light on my current situation

I went for a smear last august ( my first in 10 years:( ) and the results came back as borderline with high risk HVP. So off I trot to the colpo six weeks later, the doctor doing the exam says looks lile mild changes and took a couple of biopsies. The results came back after 5 weeks saying NO PRECANCEROUS CELLS FOUND. Phew! I thought all is well. I was booked in for a repeat colposcopy 6 months later which I have recently had. Again during this the doctor said it looked like mild changes; however my results have just come back CIN 3. The letter I have gives me an appt for 3 weeks time to 'discuss results and treatment options'.

So I'm a little confused and have two main questions

1: I thought CIN was a slow progressing condition. Could it really have advanced from no abnoalities at all at first biopsy to CIN 3 six months later? Or did they miss something!

2: I know this may sound a little pessimistic but is there any chance that the result could be even worse following a lletz/cone biopsy. I only ask as it feels like every time I have another test the results get a little bit more serious. Also would not CIN 3 have been obvious during the colposcopy exam. The doctor said it was nothing and didn't expect to see me again this year!


I can't help worrying as I have a host of other symptoms ( bleeding/ pelvic and back pain etc) I have just had an ultrasound that came back normal.

So sorry for the long post. Just very confused.

Hi Charlie,

Cin couldbe fast progressing when there is a high risk HPV present. I went from a clear smear to having CIN3 in 3y time, then clear smear and 10m later CIN2. 

It is VERY unlikely this could be more serious, but in any case have a colposcopy and see what your gynae advises you to do. I would imagine he/she will suggest Llletz - this is painless and easier than having a filling done :)

Hi Charlie,

The important thing to remember is everyone is different. In theory CIN can behave differently in different people, even with high risk HPV infection. It can go from nothing to CIN 3 in 6 months. So far it's taken 2 years to go from nothing to CIN 2 in me, twice. But then in others CIN 1 clears up without treatment.

It'll be very difficult for anyone to say for certain if something was missed first time round. Punch biopsies are very small, and I've been told at colposcopy twice now that things look normal but then a biopsy has shown otherwise. I guess the naked eye can only see so much, but equally the CIN could have developed within that time.

As for whether the results could be worse after treatment, well in theory there is a tiny possibility BUT more than likely it will turn out to be CIN 3. They are likely to treat you, possible at your appointment, and it's worth holding on to the fact the majority of women are successfully treated with LLETZ.

Try to take things a step at time and focus on what you know rather on what you're worried might happen. Easier said that done, I understand that.

Take care and all the best for your appointment.