Confused about past test results

In January 2014, I was told that I had HPV and abnormal test results so I had a colposcopy which came back normal. The letter said to come back in two years for another smear test. Nobody explained what any of this meant especially in regards to having HPV and how it could affect my future health. I just accepted that it came back negative and I would see them again in a couple of years. It's now been over 18 months and I want to request an early test, is that possible in the UK? I'm going to call my GP tomorrow but thought I could find some info here about how the result could go from abnormal to suddenly normal and what happens if I still have HPV? I hope that all makes sense, thank you!


Hi Tisa

Did you manage to get any more information from your GP? This site has loads of imformative stuff about HPV, please have a good read if you haven't already.


Frankie xx

Hi there

right, so 80% of the population are infected with HPV. Once infected your body usually fights it off, which is likely why your result went back to normal - which is great! an 'active' HPV infection shows up as cin 1. If your body fights it off you go back to normal. It's highly likely that your smear will be fine, but I completely understand why you want an early smear and would definitely try and get one for peace of mind.  It may be that you didn't have one of the high risk strains of HPV which is why they asked you to come back in a couple of years. If in doubt ask though. It is your body and you know it best!  If you get an abnormal result again dont panic. HPV unfortunately stays in your system and can pop back up when your immune system is low.  It's highly likely your body will fight it off again though. And if not treatment, is very effective. Hope that helps. HPV is a tricky one to understand And doctors do not seem to explain it!