Confused about notes

Hello.I had my coloscopy and biopsys taken under GA 12 days ago, after the procedure none of the nurses were able to explain to me what happened during the procedure and that it will all be explained in my discharge letter I will receive in the post. I'm currently living in Malta and have found this whole experience with the way they deal with thing really scary and upsetting here. No one tells you anything. I received my discharge letter finally today! I'm a bit confused about what a couple of things say and thought I'd ask on here in case anyone had something similar or understands it as Im not getting any answers from anybody here. The first thing I was unsure about was,  Acetowhite grade 3, I2 Nagative, erosion visable to naked eye. And then also.... Adnexae Palpable L.  I have no clue what to think of this, iv tried to hospital but got no where. Thanks for reading. Samantha.

Hi Samantha 

Jo's trust has an 'ask the expert' section on thier website where you can refer your questions to actual doctors - this might be very useful in your case where you are not getting answers.  I've used the service and it is great and really quick.  You can find it in the support tab.  xxx

Hi Nellie. 

Thank you very much for your help, I will have a look now. :-) x

Hello again Nellie, they were very quick in replying but because I'm currently living in Malta they said the ask the expert services are only for people living in the UK due to legal reasons. Iv lived in the UK my whole life but iv been here since March so unfortunately can't help me. Xx

Omg that's so confusing!! Right well from my health care knowledge and trusty wikipedia I've come up with a few things but I'm really not sure, it's just the best I can come up with. You really need to get in touch with your hospital and get them to translate this! Can I ask why you had a GA? And what follow ups have they given you? Or are you waiting for biopsy results?

Adnexae I think means Adnexa which refers to the structures of the uterus/fallopian tubes etc. Palpable means felt and I'd guess that L means left. So possibly they could feel something to the left... possibly your cervix is slightly deviated to the left? (mine is too).

Acetowhite is the vinegar that they put on your cervix that makes it go white. I would say that possibly means CIN3. They use the vinegar to see abnormal cells and then grade them from 1-3. 

No idea about I2.

And an erosion is also called a cervical ectropian. They're very common especially when you're on birth control. It means some cells of the inner cervix are seen on the outer cervix. As far as I'm aware this isn't a bad sign, though they can bleed. There is a section on erosion on this website.

This is all guesswork, you really need to talk to the hospital to find out for sure and make sure they've followed you up! xx