Confused about my appointment today.

I'm 25 and have CIN2.

I went to a hospital in Spain today (where I live) expecting to recieve lletz, and was sent away. My doctor has adviced I come off of the pill, start using condoms with my long term boyfriend, and have a HPV vaccine. I have an appointment in March for a pap smear, hpv test and colpocopy. She said I could have treatment, but they prefer to just monitor at this stage as I'm only 25, and it could affect my fertitility (I don't intend to have children actually, so really this isn't a problem.)

This all sounds very different from the stories I've heard on here. Does this all sound resonable to you?? What do you think?

It's a hard one. I'm also 25 and have CIN2 i had my colp on the 18th nov and my lletz is not until 8th Jan! So i wouldn't say its completely unreasonable. I wouldn't blame you if you asked for a 2nd opinion though. xx