Confused about Lletz

Hello there. I had my smear on 23rd July. I called the doctors 3 times about results and they said they were back logged!

Got results 18th October - abnormal cells. 

Colposcopy 24th October - biopsy done.

Got results 10th November - CIN3 Lletz booked.

Lletz is due on 22nd November (day after my birthday)

Now I am under the impression from my letter that I have CIN3 will have Lletz to remove and go for a colposcopy or smear in 6 months to check it was successful.

however after reading posts on here people are awaiting results from a Lletz?? What results? This has me very worried?

Also since having the colposcopy and biopsy sex has been alittle painful and uncomfortable And I still am having some cramping? I had some bleeding and discharge and think I have also had a period since the colposcopy but believe I should be fine now it’s been 4 weeks?

Shoukd I worry about this? Shoujd I mention it at the Lletz appointment? I am so worried that now I have peed of yhia thing and it has got worse or spread and that’s why now I am having some pain?

My husband, friends and family who know have told me I will be fine they will cut it out and I will be ok but I don’t feel like that? I feel out or control and alittle emotional?

Help please? X

Hi vicky

Please try to not worry, I know it’s difficult! 

The lletz is an electrode wire that will burn away the abnormal cells. In six months you will have a repeat smear to ensure that they have all gone. 

Some people have their biopsies done at the same time as their lletz, so I’m sure people mean the results from the biopsy. I think it depends what region you live in. At my trust I had both on the same day. 

Alli x

Oh ok that coukd be why then? Cause I had my biopsy done already. I was getting confused and worried Thank you for your replyxx

Hi Vicky sorry you are having a difficult time at the moment. As Alli said the lletz is a heated loop that removes an area of the cervix, don't worry you get numbed, when this sample is sent for examination the pathologist will determine if the sample shows clear margins ie. all the abnormal cells have been removed or no clear magins ie further treatment is needed. That is the result people say they are waiting for. Before they do your Lletz tell them everthing that has gone on since your colposcopy so they can address it all before they start, write it all down so you don't forget as soon ad I see a white coat my mind goes blank haha. In the mean time be kind to yourself and take care there is always someone on here who will talk x

I am also booked in for LLETZ following findings of CIN3 from my biopsy. If it’s CIN3 does that mean I definitely won’t have Cervical cancer or could it still be found when the LLETZ is analyzed? I’m confused and really worried.


hello thank you for your responses it made me feel a bit better. I had my Lletz on Thursday it’s now Sunday. It went well, no pain, everything explained and went smoothly I think. I am still waiting for results which could take 4 weeks so still feeling nervous! I have not had any bleeding though? Is this normal? 

Amy I am not sure hun. I had CIN3 and the doctor said they will send me results saying if I am clear or need more treatment. 


Thanks Vicky