Confused about follow up results

Hi all,

So I came on here previously when I had an abnormal smear and in the nicest way possible once that was done with I’d hoped i wouldnt need to use this forum again.

So quick bit of background. Basically last year I had an abnormal smear and was HPV positive. Long story short I had lletz in January this year which was done under general because there was no way I could face being awake due to past trauma with sexual assault.
My results came back shortly after as CIN3 and was told to have another smear in 6months. I actually left it about 8 months due to being so busy but the nurse at the GP who did my most recent 6 month follow up smear said my cervix looks healthy and that if it comes back with just HPV again she’ll see me in 12 months as long as there’s no abnormal cells.

Fast forward to now. Recieved my results saying they hadn’t found any abnormal cervical cells but am still HPV positive and want me to go for a colposcopy appointment.
I’m dumbfounded. Why did the nurse at my Doctor’s say I’d not need to see her for 12 months if it’s just showing HPV but not abnormal cells.

The problem is, I can just about bear a smear because they’re quick and over with but I can’t go through with colposcopy awake. Due to past trauma as mentioned, the thought of laying there for 10-20 minutes is extremely triggering for me.
Why is this needed just for HPV?

Thanks in advance for any replies xx

Hi @Lottie

Its more of a precaution based off the guidelines as the smear you had isnt a normal smear its a test of cure smear since you had treatment for abnormalities so it works a little different to normal screening procedures, smears arnt a diagnostic and can miss things, they just indicate whether you need further examination and still being HPV posutive after treatment indicates that you do even though no abnormalities have been picked up… anyone who has a HPV at their TOC will be sent to colposcopy xx

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Thankyou so much for the reply :blush:
I think it’s just baffled me due to the nurse carrying out my smear saying that if there’s HPV but no abnormal cells then I won’t need to be seen for 12 months.
It just feels like now i have to psych myself up all over again for something I find extremly triggering and i wouldn’t mind but it says in the letter you can request a woman to carry it out. The last time I did that i still ended up with a male doctor :exploding_head:

Your bound to be confused when your told one thing in person then another in a letter bless you, that is the usual protocol when HPV is found with no abnormalities you get checked again 12 months later but its a little different at a test of cure you just need to be positive still to be sent for a closer look they just want to be vigilant

Thats so wrong on so many levels, they should have respected your wishes and made you as comfortable as they possibly can, its daunting for any of us to have to go through let alone when we have our mental health to contend with xx

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