Confused about diagnosis

I recieved an email today from my doctor stating the I have carcinoma in situ with microinvasion. I called his office but they said he was a very busy doctor and couldn’t talk on the phone. The nurses didn’t know anything about this and I’m lost. Scared. Sitting here googling trying to find out what I have and what stage. All they have told me was ill be chenilles for a conization in two weeks.

Hi Carrierose :-)

In my experience it is most unusual for a doctor to email you with a diagnosis and be unavailable for comment. I am guessing that you are not in UK? Not that that matters in the slightest, I was just curious. To the very best of my knowledge, carcinoma in situ with microinvasion is about the tiniest amount of cancer it is possible to have and it still be called cancer. It might even possibly be classed as a Stage 0, I'm not too sure about that. So, the first thing you must do is to stop Googling immediately because that will lead only to despair. This is the only place on the internet for you right now :-) I believe that your final sentence means that you will be having a 'cone biopsy', this does two things, it takes a sample of the cancer cells so that it can be analysed in a laboratory, but often, when the amount of cancer you have is so tiny, the cone biopsy removes all of it and that is the only treatment you ever need :-)

Be lucky :-)