confused about colposcopy

Hi im new on this site, i got my examination at the colposcopy clinic on friday, there was the doctor, her assistant and a student who was looking at the screen

The doctor took ages to find my cervix, eventually she got it, she asked her assistant to go and get another nurse to come in to help her take biopsies of my cervix.

I have suffered from orrosion for 20 years, so i was bleeding, she said she saw something on my cervix, but i never once got to look at the screen so i couldnt see what was going on

Once she had finished i got dressed then sat down at ther desk were she drew me a picture of my cervix and explained that i had orrosion, and that there was something on my cervix, she said it might be a polop or tumour. she asked if i knew what a polop was i said that my gran had them on her bowel when she was alive so yes i did.  She said she had seen something like what she saw before it looks like a tumour, i said ok.  This is where i got freeked out a bit she then said "i dont want you to leave here thinking everything is ok because it isnt", i said ok, i started to think was there something on the screen she wasnt telling me, i would have thought a doctor would wait for the results before scareing u half to death.


She has taken my number and told me she will be in touch in the next 2 weeks,   its going to be a long 2 weeks

It's the waiting that's the worst isn't it? I'm in a similar situation, I had an examination by the consultant and they saw something just inside my cervix so within 2 weeks I was in hospital having a hysteroscopy, D&C, colposcopy and biopsies. That was yesterday and they told me if had a loop biopsy and I've now got to wait 7-10 days to find out the results! People tell you to think positive all the time but you can't help but think the worst, it's only natural to worry. My heart goes out to you Hun but there's nothing we can do but sit tight and wait. As for the doc who has scared you half to death... I think some professionals just have no tact and don't think before they speak, which is shocking. I hope you're not waiting too long chick xx

Hi. The waiting is the worst. I’m suggesting that if you are going to be seen in 2 weeks that cancer is suspected. I had a 2 week urgent referral but was actually seen with in a week. In that week I was freaking out, and ended up at gps to get sleeping tablets. If you think it will help book in with your gp and have a chat. My go who originally looked at my cervix and referred me wouldn’t tell me she thought it was cancer she just said she was very unhappy and concerned. That drove me mad and I wish she had said she thought it was cancer. I guess different people like different approaches. Xx

Thank you to you both for your replies, and all the best to you both, its good to know im not in this alone xx

Charming! So she might as well said I want you to go home and worry thinking the worst! That's terrible, as you said at least wait until the results and take it from there! During my Colpscopy I was informed there was practically nothing there and that it would be extremely unlikely it was CC I came away so relieved and happy! Few weeks later was being treated for cancer, so before you lose a fortnights sleep wait until the results!

Keep positive best wishes ;-) x


I echo the thoughts of everyone else here Ally...  They should send all medical practioners on training in 'people skills'!!!

You really didn't need someone dealing with you in that way.  But please try not to be freaked out, I know it is hard but like

Else74 says the results could vary from what they tell you on the day...  The results are the important bit.

Good Luck with everything x

Hi thanks for your support i really appreciate it, good luck to you both 2 xx

Hi is there anyone on this site from dundee?   i got a phone call on my mobile tonight an 0800 678 3393, i missed the call when i phoned it back it said it did not take incoming calls

I checked the number online and some of the comments had NHS Glasgow, or there GP, does anyone know if this number is for NHS Scotland.  I wasnt meant to be getting my results for another week thats why im not sure what to think.


Thanks for reading, hopefully someone on here has had treatment at ninewells, dundee