Confused about CIN2/3 HPV neg

Hi all, I had an abnormal smear a few years ago that lead to colposcopy and LLETZ where i found out i had CIN 2 and 3. All has been okay since but I have been trying to research as its come up in conversation about HPV being the cause of CIN, but I was HPV negative. I’ve searched and tried to find peer reviewed articles etc about it but all i can find is that to have CIN you have to have HPV. I have been with my husband for 20 years, since I was 15, he’s the only person I have ever done anything sexual with and all previous smears were normal so now I’m confused and don’t know what to think. It’s taking everything in me to not go ape s**t so now I’m trying to research and I coming up with nothing. Has anyone else been in this situation? Or know more? Thank you

Hi @Kazziki

That is very confusing as dysplasia is a reaction to an active HPV infection as thats what the cells are reacting too, can i just ask did you have a negative HPV result or are you assuming you dont have it as you havnt been told you have it? I just ask as untill they changed the screening a few years ago we wernt told we had HPV so it is a recent thing that we are told, my mother had abnormal cells removed around 4 years ago and she wasnt informed she had HPV

HPV lays dormant and although its contracted by skin contact, it doesnt have to be during sex/sexual activity its usually just contracted in that way, having HPV when youve been in a long term relationship doesnt mean someone has been unfaithful x

Hi Tinkerbelle29,

Thank you for your reply! The result came back as HPV negative and abnormal cells which after the LLETZ came back as CIN 2 and 3. Thats why I’m so confused. I asked my nurse if any of my previous smears came back as HPV positive and she said no. It’s all very confusing :confused:

That is very confusing! There are rarer forms of CC they are that rare they dont really know much about as they rarely come across them but they dont seem to be linked with HPV but im not sure if they come with cell changes, the virus is generally the cause of 99.7% cases x

I’m not an expert in any way but reading up on hpv, have read that it lays dormant, so during the time between smears, could it have been active-allowing cells to change, then dormant again so not picked up on smear??

Can completely understand your confusion! Have you had clear smears since? Maybe talking to sexual health nurse might help. Xx

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I am having cin1 with negative hpv.I asked my doctor if I don’t have hpv then why there are cell changes.He said there might be low risk hpv causing cell changes and we don’t test for low risk hpv.But I never had any symptoms for low risk hpv.Still confused🙁

I’ve had clear smears everytime before, since and including the smear that found the CIN. It’s very confusing and a bit worrying as now they don’t test for the abnormal cells unless HPV is detected so if I do have changes again they won’t be detected until it’s too late. I tried speaking to a nurse but she didnt know much tbh thats why i was trying to do my own research which has also proved confusing :roll_eyes: thank you all for the replys though, I do appreciate it!