Confuse about CIN2 diagnose

My doctor said it looks like i have CIN2 when he took a look at my cervix. But the papsmear indicate there is NEGATIVE intraephitelial malignant cells.

So i am confuse here. I thought CIN means i have intraephitelial cells present. But apparently it is negative. And there is no abnormal cell changes. So why do my cervix appears like i have CIN? So what is it actually? Can anyone please help me clear my confusion.

And i am tested positive for HR HPV other types (NOT type 16 and 18) and was prescribed albothyl for 10 days and need to recheck in 6 months.

After the albothyl it appears that the cervix gets better slowly. So what shall i do? Shall i request an LEEP or cryo... or just wait till next papsmear in 6 month?