Conflicting results


I was wondering if anyone else has had a similar experience and if they could shed some light! I have had normal Pap smears up until my last which showed CIN2-3. I was then referred for a colposcopy, the Dr at the time said it definitely looked like CIN3 - she showed me images of the abnormal areas , did another PAP and HPV test and took some biopsies. That same day I was booked in to have a lletz the following week. However, the day before my procedure they called to cancel as the biopsy came back normal and they wanted to wait for my other pap and hpv. Those tests have subsequently came back normal too.  They are going to discuss my case in a gynae meeting and let me know the plan. My colposcopy images and first Pap results are so different to my latest results. I am thinking that maybe the samples weren't great or could be a false negative as I know the tests are never 100% accurate. Has anyone else had a similar experience?