Conflicting advice regarding bleeding and pain post lletz

So I had two biopsies done for abnormal smear test with hpv end of Feb 2021. Then I got information by post saying I need lletz procedure for treatment for high grade dyskarysosis with gland involvement. Got lletz treatment done end March. Week of I had some clear discharge with tiny black bits in it. One week after I started to get bright red blood and clots. I rang colposcopy who said normal. By the end of the day I bled so much I decided to ring my gp who put me on an antibiotic. The clotting stopped but I continued to get blood and stopped one day prior to finishing antibiotic. By the next morning I had clots and blood again. Rang gp again who put me on a different antibiotic which seemed to stop bleeding and clotting by the next day. Went six days with no bleeding. Finished antibiotic and clots and bleeding again were back the next morning. Was due my period so unsure if this what I was getting at this point. Rang my gp and he put me on another dose of same antibiotic as bleeding stopped for so long with that one. Bleeding continued but clots stopped once started antibiotic again could be a period too. I am so nauseous two days left of antibiotic ans really worried once I stop the antibiotics I will get clots and bleeding again. Bleeding has stopped only today exactly four weeks post lletz. The whole way through I feel like some of the blood coming from utera and not vagina. I don't know how normal this is. I'm sore where I pee. Gp did urine test and no infection just blood and he says this could be coming from vagina. Thankfully at the moment the blood has stopped im just really sore where I pee and feel my pee doesn't come out straight away. I am drinking loads of water to try and wash it out of me but has anyone else has similar experience. I suffer from anxiety as it is so all this really is getting to me. Everything it could possibly be is running through my head. I did get a letter this week saying abnormal cells expected were found and I need to go back in six months. I had my second child two years ago and needed episiotomy dont know if that makes a difference to bleeding etc. I just getting mixed messages whether all this normal or not. Its a scary enough time. 

Hi Dosire,

What a rough time you're having!

How many weeks is it since your LLETZ? I think some people do have prolonged bleeding and others don't. Can you ring your colposcopy clinic as they are the experts, whereas your GP is general.


I have read on the forum about people who haven't healed well and just need an extra cauterisation or silver nitrate paste to stop the bleeding. So it may be that they do that?


I'm no medical professional though so please don't take my word for it, contact the experts.


Good luck, and please let us know how you get on x

Lemon lavender Thank u bleeding stopped. I am trying to be hopeful that it won't come back. I did contact colposcopy and they told me if I get anymore clots or heavy bleeding to get back to them. If it does I will be contacting colposcopy again. The reason I rang gp is the leaflet I got post lletz says to ring my gp if I get bright red blood or clots as I may need antibiotic and says if cannot contact gp ring colposcopy. I am four weeks post lletz since weds. Colposcopy said I could have spotting up to six weeks after. Being honest I think a cautery probably was needed but look it stopped for now anyway. Just left with intermittent pelvic pain every now and then and in my left leg. Not doing too much though and took this week off work to get myself right. Thank u for getting back to me. Its nice to know we are not alone.