Confirmed CIN3

I had my first ever smear back in March and the smear showed abnormal cell changes. I was then referred for a colposcopy and today received a letter stating that the changes were CIN3 and I would need to receive treatment under general anaesthetic. The letter stated that I will receive an appointment for treatment in due course.

The letter was very brief and did not detail what treatment was to be carried out. 

I would like to know what CIN3 actually is and what happens next? Is there a possibility that I have cancer or would that have been pointed out in the letter? 

Thank you for any help.

Hi Rianne

This is what happened with me.  I have got this information online for you:-

CIN is divided into grades, which describe how far the abnormal cells have gone into the surface layer of the cervix. The cell changes can be classed as CIN1, 2 or 3. This classification is used to indicate how much of the cervix is affected by abnormal cells. The higher the number, the more of the cervix is affected and so treatment is given to remove the cells. CIN1 often goes back to normal without treatment but a repeat cervical screening test (smear) is needed to check that the cells have gone. Treatment is usually given to remove CIN2 or CIN3 abnormal cells.
CIN1 – indicates mild changes; affecting only one-third of the thickness of the surface layer of the cervix.

CIN2 – indicates moderate changes; affecting two-thirds of the thickness of the surface layer of the cervix.

CIN3 – indicates more severe changes (not cancer); affecting the full thickness of the surface layer of the cervix.

l received laser treatment under GA and was in and out within the day.  But there are a few different types of treatment I think it depends where you live.

If you look through this website there is lots of information available, hope everything goes well for you Laughing



I had the same - treatment under general for what the doctor thought was CIN 3. I was terrified and convinced myself I had CC, that I was doomed etc. On op day I was a bag of nerves and when the doctor asked me what was up I told him and he actually laughed at me and said no. Some might think that's quite harsh but it shook me out of my self pity! As it turned out when they biopsied the LLETZ sample it was CIN 1 and 2.


The op itself is totally painless and the only annoyance is having to take the day off and the sludgy discharge you get for a few weeks after. Very do-able. xxx

Hey there,

I too have cin3 and have had lletz with a local and a cone biopsy under ga, both procedures are very manageable. As you can see there are a number of different procedures available and it may well be worth a call to the clinic to find out what they have planned for you, knowing what you are going in for may help to settle  your nerves a little. It really hacks me off when they fail to fully inform women of what is happening, you hear it all too often that women are told they will be having treatment but dont get told what that will be, they just assume we will happily plod along blissfully unaware of the details, a little information goes a long way! But that is a rant for another day.

CIN 3 sounds really scary when you google around but it can take over a decade to progress to anything more sinister and even then there is only a chance that it could progress. That said we all understand what a worrying time this is, when you find out what your treatment will be if you need any more info just shout out, between us I think we have had pretty much everything done so we can share our experiences if you need it. 

Good luck with your treatment hun



Hi everyone!


So any advice or help would be appreciated because I am terrified. I had a clear smear 3 years ago. My recent one in Nov showed ASCUS with positive Hugh risk HPV. I had a colposcopy and endocervical scraping. My gyno said she saw cin1 possibly cin2. Well I get a call a couple days later stating I have cin3 and will need the LEEP. I am completely freaking out and causing myself bad anxiety. I'm a little afraid of treatment but even more afraid that either I really have cervical cancer or I will constantly need treatment. Has anyone experienced this and had a positive outcome? Tia!!

Hi there,

I'm 28 years old and I've recently had a LLETZ done under GA. 3 Weeks later I have the results (yesterday) to say the biopsy taken has shown cin3. I know this isn't cancer but I'm just worried that the treatment hasn't worked. The letter was very brief in saying they will discuss in a meeting what the next step will be and they will let me know in July (which it already is) and I was just wondering if anyone would know what treatment would be next as I'm just worrying now not sure what to think. If anyone could help on this I would really appreciate the feedback :) thankyou

Claire x