Confirmed Adenocarcinoma

Hello I’ve just had a call from the secretary at the hospital they want me to go on Tuesday for a follow up appointment after the MDT meeting, they won’t tell me anything over the phone is this normal all I want is a stage I’m so worried x

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Yes very normal, well from what I’ve read and that’s exactly what happened with me.
My appointment was to discuss my treatment, I had been diagnosed with Adenocarcinoma and had an appointment with the gynae consultant. Who was amazing I might add.

I won’t waste my breath saying don’t worry, because you will, and that’s perfectly normal. It’s a very scary time but try and not think the worst, wishing you lots of luck xxx

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Dawnann I know you are worried but try to keep busy it’ll be Tuesday before you know it.

We are all thinking about you x

Oh bless you.That sounds awful.My partner suffers with bouts of vertigo.Its not nice xx