Confirmed Adenocarcinoma

Hi all. (Long post :warning:)
I’ve had a whirlwind 4 weeks. It’s only been 4 weeks since I received my letter of HPV positive and abnormal cells. Since then I have had a colposcopy, Lletz, MRI, Diagnosis, MTD have reviewed my MRI and an appointment for my treatment discussion given (in 10 days)
Isn’t that the most amazing fast service!!
So I’ve got Adenocarcinoma stage 2 and they want to discuss surgery with me. I’m guessing it will be a radical hysterectomy?
Has anyone else had that? How was it?

I am very extremely lucky and positive, just the guilt of upsetting everyone and worrying everyone is making me feel so bad!!

My kids are 30, 26, 25. Middle one lives in Australia and is devastated.

Wish I take away their worry and upset, anyone else have this problem?
(Apologies for the long post! :grimacing:

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Hi Tracey,

Sorry to hear your diagnosis I know what a shock it is to be told you have cancer.

I was diagnosed with stage 2 adenocarcinoma in May 2021 at the beginning they thought a hysterectomy was the way to go unfortunately after pet scan I was diagnosed as stage 2b as the tumour had just began to itouch the parametrium so treatment was 5 chemo, 25 radiotherapy and 3 brachytherapy.

I completed treatment 2 weeks ago.

Many women on here have had hysterectomies I’m sure you’ll get replies with all the information you need.

Take care if you have any questions please ask I’ll help wherever I can.


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I’m starting treatment to day for stage 2B Adenocarcinoma. My tumor is 3.5cm and has caused cervical stenosis. Thankfully my lymphnodes are clear so no spread.
My treatment is 28 Radiotherapy, 6 Chemotherapy and 3 Brachytherapy.
You’ve been seen amazingly quick,that’s excellent.

I have 4 children, my eldest 3 know and I’ve chosen to not tell my youngest. She just knows my tummy is sick and I’ve to get lots of medicine to make it better.

Wishing you all the best!

E x

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Hi there I’m waiting on ct results with an mri on Thursday, biopsy confirmed cancer so waiting on a stage, I’m terrified, can I ask about your symptoms please before diagnosis, I know we are all different but it really helps me xx

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Hi I also have the same.Im stage 2b.Ive had 3 rounds of chemo,1 more to have.Then 5 weeks of radiotherapy with chemo once a week.Then brachiotherapy.I was told I can’t be operated on because of the position of my tumour xx

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I had bleeding and an awful smelling discharge xx

Hi Dawnann,

My tumour is adenocarcinoma which is the glandular type so my symptoms were discharge this went on for around 3 to 4 weeks. I had no pains or other symptoms. I went to my GP she gave me an internal examination and she could see the tumour, I was then sent for colposcopy and scans and my diagnosis was confirmed as a grade 1 tumour stage 2b.

I completed my treatment 2 weeks ago and I am feeling fine.

Once you get your diagnosis and you know what you are dealing with you’ll feel much better. Treatments today are excellent.

Keep us updated.

Take care x

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Thank you for that I don’t know what type mine is or what grade it’s so reassuring to know that all these ladies with stage 2 and 3 cancers are getting through there treatment and are out the other side, xx

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Thank you so much for your reply AMF, really means a lot to hear other people’s experiences. It’s really been manic during the same 4 weeks, my ex husband had an accident at work and had to have his leg amputated! My poor kids have been so stressed.
So glad to hear your treatment is coming to an end. Were you able to work throughout the treatment?
That’s my worry as I need to discuss my pay with work tomorrow. I’m on an old contract that I’m not entitled to sick pay but my line manager says it’s at a managers discretion, but I don’t know the extent in which I maybe off. X

Thank you so much for your reply Shammy716, best of luck with your treatment!!
How did your first day go?
Can I ask if you work? Do you expect to be able to? Xx

Hi Daenann62,
Tbh I put my symptoms down to menopause, painful sex, but if bleeding after sex and frequently being sore and irritated down below.
So this was a big shock really.
The hospital are doing an audit in my smears over the last 10 years to see if something was missed!
I know the staging is scary, I knew when the hospital rang me to go in and told me to take someone with me, but I just went in and said
“Is it cancer?” The dr said yes
“Is it Adenocarcinoma? “ the dr said yes.
“What stage is it?” The dr said stage 2.

She was very impressed with my knowledge and calmness :joy:
But now I have 101 questions that I wish I had asked lol xx

Hi debbiedoo, thank you so much for your reply!
Sounds like you’re being well looked after! But the thought of all that treatment is daunting isn’t it! Do you think you will be able to work throughout? And do you have an idea how long all of that will take? Xx

Hi @traceyd123!

I work as a classroom assistant. My GP signed me off work because of the Covid19 risk when working with children and to be honest my boss was relieved she did as its currently affecting my place of work.

Today was absolutely grand. I’ve done a bit of a daily blog of today in the section ’ Cervical Cancer Treatment ’ post heading - I got my start date! Have a wee look xxx

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Ooh I def will check out your blog, thank you for letting me know!! I will look forward to reading that. Really glad today went well for you!!
I too am worried about covid- I work for the local council and visit lots of tenants houses regularly. I also spend time with tradesmen and office staff so my risk is quite high too!
I will be discussing this with work tomorrow, but the lack of sick pay in my contract is a worry. X

Hi Tracey,

Sorry you’ve been having a tough time. I am currently signed off from work, got signed off when my treatment began at the start of August for 3 months. I spoke to my oncologist and he advised 3 months minimum time off. Some ladies have worked through treatment but I did not want to do that as I was not sure how I would cope with the treatment. I was infact very well throughout but glad I had the time off. I work for scottish government and currently work at home I am entitled to 6 months full pay and 6 months half pay.

I am due to return at start of November and all being well I should be able to go back then. The most important thing is to look after yourself. Once you find out what your treatment is going to be you can discuss time off with your doctor.

Let us know how you get on.

Take care x

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Hi Tracey,
I haven’t been able to work as the chemo has given me vertigo.I can’t drive until it wears off.I work self employed as a mobile hairdresser so it’s not good but we are managing.I hope your doing OK xx

Hi Debbiedoo, I really feel for you having vertigo.
I had Ménière’s disease for 3 years which invoked constant vertigo and involved drop attacks. (Similar to epilepsy and I would be on the floor for hours unable to get up) I too lost my license for 9 months and was unable to leave the house by myself, it was awful. But I had major surgery and I’m ok now, so I hope yours goes quickly!!

Hi everyone can you tell me how long you had to wait after the MDT meeting until someone contacted you, my meeting was on Tuesday, I rang the specialist nurses today and left a message but they havnt rung me back, I’m thinking it’s so bad there not allowed to tell me and I will have to go and see the specialist to break the bad news! X

I was very lucky, I waited 24 hrs!
had my MRI on the Thursday at 3pm and the CNS rang me on the Friday at 3pm to say it had been reviewed by the MDT and gave me a date to meet my Dr.
I know I was extremely lucky. I really hope you get an answer soon xx

Hi Dawnann,

I had pet scan on the Wednesday then met with doctor the next day scans had been reviewed by MDT. Stage and treatment was agreed appointment was then made with oncologist and I saw him about a week later.