Hello again

I had a punch biopsy in March come back as carcinoma in situ and that doctor did not want to see me for treatment for another 6 months. I felt uncomfortable with this so I booked a second opinion with another doctor that I had this morning.

This doctor was very concerned about the previous decision, and decided to do an internal exam (which I've never had before-ouch) because of the results and my symptoms. Immediately after this she said I will need a 'cone procedure' and that we should not wait...??

This is really freaking me out, does this likely mean she felt something more serious up there than carcinoma in situ? (I was under the impression that CIS isn't too serious yet). Also isn't the procedure normally a lletz for this, not a cone right away?

Really really need some advice here, I'm kind of freaking out.



Sorry to hear you are a little in limbo right now, but it is good you sought a second opinion.

I had a cone in october last year after my colposcopy. Mine was early stage and after the cone I was given 3 options; another cone as they didn't get it all the first time, trachelectomy or hysterectomy. They said hyst my be overkill and wanted me to preserve fertility due to my age. So I chose the trach. This was just my experience. In some cases the cone removes it all which is good! Fingers crossed you get some more answers soon. If you have any questions about the cone just ask xx


So sorry you're going through this - I'm glad you finally made some headway in the ridiculous Canadian healthcare system though! Are you in Ontario?

Did you ask them about LLETZ? you may be able to phone them and ask if LLETZ would be a viable option - perhaps they are being overly cautious by jumping to cone right away, but it's also possible that he is doing it to avoid you having to come back for more treatment later. I'd try giving them a call and asking.

Thank you both so much for your responses. 

-Misstell: they said something kind of similar to me. She basically said "I don't think you'll need a hysterectomy" and I was shocked, I didn't even know they would consider that without a higher stage diagnosis! I'm only 22 so they initially had said they wanted to be conservative in their approach to preserve fertility. 

-Concern: I'm glad too! Finally someone actually took me seriously and told me what others were kind of avoiding. Yes I'm in Ontario. I did ask her and she said that its 'past that stage' so I do assume she saw something up there or felt something during her exam that she didn't want to mention until she knows for sure. She told me to come back on the 23rd to discuss things with her so I'll try to prepare a list of options or questions for that day. 


The trach seems like a good option if you can get it. Defi take a list of questions with you. Did she say it would be done key hole?xx