cone results

Well I got the results from my cone biopsy yesterday evening I had been expecting the worst but instead I was totally gobsmacked when she said CIN 1, So suprised I asked her to double check she was reading the right results! I am so so happy that they only found mild changes and clear margins but cant quite get my head around the difference between this result and the last, going from severe cin 3 and 'we need to be agressive with the cone' to just cin 1, it all feels a bit surreal. The nurse didnt seem to be able to offer any kind of explanation for it either.

Today it is like a huge weight has been lifted from my shoulders, just glad now I didnt take the hysterectomy that was offered!

Hi Niki,

Just wanted to say congratulations :) x

That's great news Niki Smile

Well done Niki, that's brilliant news. xxSmile