Cone Procedure Positive Story TW: kids and blood

This is going to be long but I (37f) wanted to share my story because this forum has helped me so much when I’m spiraling.

2016 I was pregnant with my 1st kid when I got an abnormal pap that showed HSIL. We waited to treat until after I gave birth, I had a LEEP shortly after that which turned out to be CIN3 with clear margins. The LEEP sucked for me. I hated being awake and making small talk while my cervix was being burned out.

After that it was paps every 6 months and every single one of them came back abnormal with HPV 16. I had to have colposcopies every time and the results were no dysplasia, just chronic and acute inflammation. In 2018 I had another baby and everything went fine with my pregnancy. I was a little concerned because of the LEEP. December 2019 was my last pap, my doctor told me to come in once a year since my colposcopies were coming back normal.

Well, I skipped 2020 and 2021. Covid hit and I moved to a new city so I didn’t get another pap until May of this year. I explained to my new doctor my situation and how I expected it to come back abnormal, which it did so she did a colposcopy that came back HSIL CIN 2/3. I was freaked out and so mad at myself for waiting. I was just ready for a hysterectomy at this point, the anxiety of it all was just too much but I had to have a cone before we could discuss that option.

Moving on to July 11th, I had the cone procedure under general anesthesia. It was so easy! Much better than the LEEP. I slept most of the day of the cone because of the anesthesia, I had minor cramping, zero pain and very little bleeding for the 1st week. Around day 10 the bleeding got heavy and I also started my period. After my period I’m still having a lot of bright red blood and now chunks of brown stuff, I’m assuming my scab is coming off. My doctor FINALLY called me with my results today and none of my biopsies showed any dysplasia just chronic inflammation and Nabothian cysts. I’m so relieved to find out there’s no dysplasia, a little bummed that I had the procedure for nothing but I’m so glad to know there’s nothing sinister hiding in there.

I hope this helps someone going through all the waiting. I’m an anxious person already so it’s really easy for me to let health scares take over my life. If you need someone to talk to feel free to reach out.