Cone on Thursday I'm petrified don't want to go!

Hi there reading some of your story's has scared me a little, your all amazing, basically went to my docs after being completely fed up with always having a funny smell (to put it lightly) and pain while intercourse I sometimes dreadhavingsex as I'll either smell or it will hurt! I also bleed after this is the only time I bleed I haven't had a period in2 years next month! I put all this down to the coil i had fitted whilst having a termination 2yrs ago! Sooooo I went to docs he booked me in for smear but I was toldthem may not do it as I was only 24 (disgusting) anyway they ondid tested my smear as my doc wrote a note saying all my symtoms and the fact that my mum had cervical cancer at 22- soo 4 days after my smear I get results severe dysplasia CIN3 the fact that the letter said unlickley to be cancer scared the hell out of me! So I then go for colposcopy! Who wasn't that great and I was asked why I'm there why I had a smear early (well by my results surely its a good thing i had one early) then when Imentioned I was worried as my mum hadcervical cancer at 22 she almostbuilt my head off and told me its not hHeredity- that's fine but you still worry considering I'm actually under a cancer genetic team as my mums consultant advised for me after my mum died of cancer and had it 7times and was beaten on the 8th! So while I'm having my undignified Colposcopy she takes 6 samples of what look likes pea sizes bits of meat. She then said she couldn't treat me there and then as the area of cells was to big and i'dneed to have cone biopsy under general I then asked if I had cancer and all she said it was not for her to diagnose cancer WTF does that mean? no know I should go back I'm I'm to scared! I don't want to hearthose words you do have cancer! And now I'm sorry if this sounds horrible but when my mum had cancer she had a certain smell and I think I can smell it" am I going mad! I feel really stupid! 

I'm new on here so don't really know hohttp usethe site xxx

Oh my goodness you must go back Hun…at least if there is anything there they can get on with treating it. I’m no expert as I am new to all this myself & I am about to start my treatment next week. All I can say is I was really silly & put off my smears…I kick myself for that even though they have said they wouldnt necessarily have shown it up earlier…but please go back ASAP no one wants to hear those words…can you speak to anyone? Maybe your genetic team? Nothing you say is stupid or horrible &. Youre not going mad!!! Thinking of you let me know how you get on xxxx

Thanks I just want to if I havee it with going through the tests from your experience what was it like for you I have spoke to my doc he has refered me to Tyne specialistfans put a request for a hysterectomywhich to me why would he do thy if I was nothing xxx thanks you Hun x

Hi Charlie

You're not being stupid it is completely normal to worry especially in your circumstances.

It is important you attend your appointments and have any suggested treatment to avoid the CIN developing any further.  Did they give you an idea of when your next appointment will be and when your biopsy results are due?  They may need to wait until these results before they can give you a more firm treatment plan.  The biopsy results can take anywhere between a week and 4 weeks at my hospital, but can be rushed through if necessary.  If you are really concerned there is no harm in chasing for your results and explaining how you feel and why - it might help speed things up.

The waiting for results and treatment is the hardest part of this process and I sympathise with you.  I tried to keep busy but it was hard.  I'd say try and book lots of good nights out, films, whatever takes your fancy to keep your mind off things.

My grandma died of cervical cancer (luckily I wasn't told until after my treatment).  I know it is not meant to be hereditary and often caused by HPV but sometimes I do wonder.

Be reassured that you are now in the system and will be treated.  The tests and treatments are not always pleasant but certainly do-able and important for your future health.

I obviously can't speculate on the biopsy results and possible treatment plan but I wish you the best of luck and hope you get positive news.  There are loads of supportive people on Jo's who can help you get through this difficult time.  Use the forum whenever you need advice, support, a rant, anything!  And I'd advise to keep to factual websites like Macmillan and not google!

Remember the vast majority of people at colposcopy are diagnosed with treatable CIN and not cancer.

Best wishes

Kirsty x


Sorry ignore some of my previous post, just noticed you have a cone biopsy booked on Thurs.  Have they received your original biopsy results then?

Good luck on Thurs :o) I haven't had a cone biopsy so can't give any advice, just wish you well.

Kirsty x

Hi Charlie,

Sorry to hear about your situation and the lack of information you have received. I don't know if it helps you but I had a cone at the end of October after a colposcopy. My smear results said CIN 3 possible invasion and at the colposcopy I was told it looked like CIN 3 but in order to determine if there was any micro invasion a cone would be necessary. My understanding is that the colposcopy looks at the surface only. I was booked in quickly and the actual cone procedure was done under general as a day patient. The cone procedure was ok and to be honest because I was under general it was in some ways easier than the colposcopy if you know what I mean. I was sent home with some painkillers and after a few days I didn't really need them. I had light bleeding for about 4 weeks but I know some women stop after a few days. It was pads only which was a pain but I 'm sure the hospital will give you a run down on what to expect. The cone did give my Consultant a true picture of the nature and extent of the changes beneath the cervix surface after pathology had examined the biopsy.

I hope this helps - I will be thinking about you tomorrow. Please let me know how you go and try not to worry. I know easy to say and harder to do!

Stargazing x

Hi everyone thanks for all your comments! So it's my cone tomorrow I going in at 7:30 Ihate general anesthetic. My appointment was next week but the doctor brought it forwards he said it needs to be done ASAP? Whyit's this and did anyone else have to blood taken as I've had my bloods done 5 times since dec, xxxxx

Hi Charlie, 

I just thought I'd leave a friendly message here for when you get back. I hope everything went as well as it could do today and you're not feeling too bad. 

Don't worry about all the blood tests my love, that's standard practice. A blood test is an easy way for them to get quite a lot of clinical information. Also, they can't keep blood for more than a few days, so they will have to keep taking blood tests from you. It just shows that they're looking after you. 

Take things gently. 

Annabel. x

How did you get on Charlie? x x x