Cone is finally done

Some of you asked me to keep you updated on how I was doing, happy to say doing really well so far.

I had a deep cone and top hat done yesterday under ga and the whole thing was pretty easy to be honest. The day case unit was very relaxed and the staff were all really friendly, had a good chat with the anesthatist about my worries and he was great, made me feel a lot more confident.

I got taken down to theatre at about half one, the worst part was having that bloody cannula put in the back of my hand. One minute I was talking about photography the next I was waking up and it was all over with, being a bit confused at this point I didnt believe I had already had the surgery and took a bit of convincing lol. Was totally convinced a few minutes later when the pain kicked in, it felt like my inside bits were on fire but a swift dose of tramadol seemed to sort that out! I came out of theatre with a drip in my arm too which I wasnt expecting, no body else seemed to come back to the ward with one so dont know why it was only me, totally forgot to ask why too think my brain was a bit scrambled from the drugs! 

I got to go home at about 5 oclock feeling supprisingly good, minimal pain and practically no bleeding which really supprised me. I spent the rest of the evening being waited on hand and foot, a very rare thing in our house! Once the tramadol had worn off the only pain I've had has been just like period pain with the odd twang of cystitus (sp?) type pain but I expect everything got a bit knocked about. The bleeding has increased a little since yesterday, am expecting that will get worse. But overall I feel pretty great today after a crappy nights sleep, typical isnt it one of the rare occassions I get to stay in bed as long as I like and I'm up with the birds!

I should get the results back sometime in the next 4 weeks, the consultant said he wanted to discuss the results with me in clinic so we could 'figure out my treatment plan and work out what the next steps will be', as far as I was concerned the cone was my treatment plan!!!!!! Hoping he was meaning if the procedure didnt get everything out this time. Fingers crossed that this is the end of all this for me now and I can move on with my life a little, I hate this feeling of being in limbo and by nature I am a control freak so not being in control of my own body is a bit wierd.

If any of you ladies are waiting for a cone biopsy be assured it really is a doddle and the procedure is nothing to worry about at all.


Hi niki, i am so glad to hear all went well with treatment and you are feeling ok, looks like you had a good team of nurses and docs with you. I hope you are feeling ok today. Make sure you try and rest as much as you can and not over do things. I bet you are glad its all over with now time to rest and try and switch off.

take care niki.. love sky x x x 

Thanks Sky,

Yeah the staff were brilliant cant fault them at all, this sitting on my backside lark is doing my head in and knowing I have loads of uni work left to finish isnt making it any easier, got strict instrutions from the nurse who was looking after me not to go back in the studio for a week which is gonna kill me. My hubby is a former nurse so he is making sure I stick to those instructions! I know if I over do things I will only end up making things worse for myself and prolonging recovery time but its hard when apart from feeling a bit tired and a few cramps I feel fine, much better than I did after the lletz to be honest.