cone excision and pregnancy

Hi ladies I recently had a cone excision and I was told that this can lead to pre term labour. I have had two children at 37 weeks and 35 weeks before having the cone. Could having a cone excision increase having children any earlier than this as I would like to have one more but I’m worried about the risk
Thank you x

Hi. I had a cone biopsy too and they did warn me that it carries a risk of pre term labour. I would suggest you talk to your doctor about wanting another child and what can be done to help. I had a friend who had one and was monitored very closely during her pregnancy following it,  given a stitch as well as hormones. Good luck.

Hi emzie,

I had an LLETZ in October under GA and was told in very rare cases pre term labour can happen. If suffered IC at the end of May and my son sadly died after my waters went at 18 weeks. I was told as it was my first pregnancy they wouldn't have done cervical scans every 2 weeks but will now for any future pregnancies. By the time they measured my cervix it was only 1.7cm (2.5cm and below they put a stich in) but an infection had already got in so was too late. I have to say this is so rare but it does happen. I wish I could go back and insist on fortnightly cervical scans, progesterone and antibiotics, but sadly for an LLETZ it's not enough in your history to get on to the pre term labour clinic cervical scans. Or it wasn't in my hospital. I'm not sure if that's any different for a cone history but if you can I would push for that. I wish you the very best of luck.




Thank you for the reply I will be having a chat when I go back in January for my next one xx

Thank you for the reply. So sorry for your loss. I will be talking to the doctor when I go back in January for my next colposcopy and smear as i would like one more child, they didn't give me much info on it. Best of luck to you too xx