CONE done under local?

Hi Guys,

After years of my Gync watching my abnormal cells he has decided to do a cone biopsy. Bit baffled as to why he waited, am at the Portland Hospital (private) so hoping they know what they are doing!! 

Anyway I have opted to have this done under local as I know I will run out screaming if they try to give me a general, I have a massive fear of being out of control so they said I could have it done under local. I was just wondering if any one else has had this done under Local??? Bit worried as can only find things about General.

Am hoping my recovery isn't too long, I am a show jumper so not allowed to ride for 6 weeks, costing me a bomb having other people in to ride for me and look after my animals and Mother! Hoping this is the last of this!!

Any help would be much apprichiated!! 

Thank you Rosehip, I am not too worried about it, I was going to be very nervous if they had made me have general. I have plenty of Valium to take so hopefully will be chilled enough lol.


Kia x