cone biospy

hi,anyone give me information on cone biospy.Had a Lletz done and were going to do cone biospy.Asked after discharge as no packing,leafets expaining procedure,or advice given and was day case,though with cone biospy you still over night in hospital.Phoned hosptial to check,abit of confusion but gyno said if on consent form then done,shoud i be able to tell somehow,is it different pain to Lletz pain.Just a bit confused.Also do they take a hpv swap when doing lletz,though it would be normal to do,makes sense.My hospital does not have gyno chair/couch ,one you can sit up in with feet in stirups,which helps with position of cervix,easier to find(in my case anyway)only have a lie down couch,and cant find cervix this way(have has proper gyno chair before different hospital and it made everthing so simple and easy to do,no legs akimbo in the air whilst be painfully prodded to find it (cervix)here somewhere)I think i could have be saved having operations if a chair was used,saving a lot of time,effort,stress.Is this normal for a hospital,seems weird to me.Have now asked why they have not got a chair,look at me gone out and so no why do need chair.Help.


Hi. I had a cone biopsy under local as an out patient. It took about 10-15 mns, so longer than a lletz and I did bleed a lot afterwards for 6 weeks. I was quite whoozy after it for the day, and then back to normal. I know they are also done under general so you should ask how they are planning to do yours. Good luck.

Hi ,thanks for reply,i was out patient,under G.A,and had a LLETZ,and also a cone biospy(or should have)i am confused because no information /adivce was given to at hosp after operation,had no packing(is it standard to pack vagina after cone biospy)also have not bleed a lot/i think i am abit stressed because am not having another operation if they have "forgot"to do a cone biospy.Just very,very emotional at min with all./mandy 

Hi Mandy,  

I had Lettz under general, day case then cone under general. I didnt have a pack but I was kept in over night. I bled for 6 weeks after. Lletz and cone are similar..lletz is taking a finger nail piece from the cervix..usually to test it. Cone is taking a larger piece of the cervix usually to treat CIN ect.

Hope this helps.


Hi Mandy,

my understanding is it depends on the size of cone they are removing and thats why experiences can range from local to an overnight and a general.  If things haven't been clearly explained perhaps give your colposcopy nurse a call? 

Best of luck

jane x 

Hi,thanks for reply,not to sure who my colposcopy nurse ,didnt know i had one.I know a nurse is sometimes around,maybe thats her?Your hysteroscopy,is that where they take sample from womb,look in womb,i have had one just checking what it is again,do you know why they check womb.My results same as yours,also awaiting results(again)mandy

Hi,thanks does  explain it better,how are coping with lymph removal(might be going down that route)any side effects,is that done inder G.A,what checks do you have every 3 mths,smear??mandy

Hi Mandy, 

After the cone I had clear margins but just to be sure they also removed nodes. This was a separate op about 6 weeks after cone. Under GA...key hole surgery. Slight swelling at the tops of my inner thighs but nothing more. Try not to worry or think ahead too much. I know it's easier said than done. With a 1b1 diagnosis I was lucky a cone was sufficient. Everyone's body is different and everyone's treatment is different. I had a smear after three months. 

Best wishes


Hi,thanks,i do try not to worry,have had cancer twice ,will be third time if this one!!i think the hosptial has got more of my body parts then i have sometimes,keep your lilly up love(friend is always telling me,am so,so trying to be positive,honest!!)

mandy x