cone biopsy

I had a pap test that came back abnormal so they did a colposcopy and it showed

severe displasia so the doctor recommended a cone biopsy. The cone biopsy

came back showing nothing. The doctor said that maybe she didnt get all

of it,  it was deeper in the canal, or the piece of tissue they tested didnt show it.

She said nothing showed cancer and "surely" it would have. I am still nervous,

and have to wait three month to get another pap to check for abnormal cells,

if it does she would then do a hysterectomy. (we are finished having children)

Has anyone had this happen. I have had a family member that had a hysterectomy

and her results showed nothing and 6 months later had cancer and had to take chemo and

radiation. Im just scared they missed something and when I go back in 3 month it could show cancer and have spread. Any thought much appreciated.

Hi there, my situation is similar-ish to yours, I had lletz for cin 3 last september and my 6month follow up came back high grade again, I had a cone biopsy with top hat (where they take an extra bit from deeper into the canal), I had been told before the cone that there was a chance it was cancer but thankfully all it showed was cin 1. After being reassured my margins were properly clear this time round I too, was told that if my next follow up showed ANY abnormalities then it would be a hystorectomy next, fertility is no longer an issue for me as my family is complete and they have already removed enough of my cervix to render it useless already.

A cone biopsy gives the best chance for them to find anything without major surgery, the chances of them having missed something is very small. I think the fact that very occassionally things get missed plays on the mind, god knows I had myself convinced I was ready for the knackers yard more than once. You just need to remember that the chances of that happening are very low, heck you could get hit by a bus tomorrow so ther is no point worrying about what hasnt happened yet.

Thanks for sharing! Makes me feel a little better! Smile