Cone biopsy

Sorry im leaving this here. I had my first pap smear 6months ago and tests came back as low grade irregularities and had my second one now and there seems to be a growth on my cervix and the test came back as being high grade irregularities, now im scheduled for a cone biopsy and im absolutely terrified of what the outcome could be. ive always been quite in sync on my body and i know things have been off the past few months, my periods are all over the place and sometimes i bleed non stop for weeks, sometimes not at all and sometimes spotting. Sex is painful sometimes. My bowel movements have also been weird. Sharp shooting pain i sometimes get in my groin- luckily only lasts for a few seconds. Has anyone ever had these symptoms? 

anything would help

Hi leandre, i never had any symptoms, but a cone is a good place to start. They'll take a large piece of your cervix and have a good look. They have probably suggested the cone to get it all in one go. Whatever 'it' is, high grade or the dreaded c. Keep positive. Try not to worry, youre in the system, getting everything checked, there is nothing more you can do. Xxxx