Cone biopsy under ga

Hi everyone, I have just had a cold knife cone biopsy in order to stage the cancer (have been told maximum stage will be 1b1 but likely only 1a1) and also to remove cin3. I couldn't find many people having the same thing for the reasons I had it and therefore wanted to share my experience for anyone having something similar. After no eating from 7am and no drinking from 10am I arrived for afternoon admissions at 12:15. I was immediately taken to nurses office to have blood pressure, urine sample and routine questions. I went straight to get changed and then after about 10 minutes in a single sex waiting area had a chat with my anaesthetist who basically just asked same questions again and gave me the chance to voice any concerns. I was told I was first on the list and would be seen about 1:30. Back to waiting room. 10 minutes later I had a quick chat with my surgeon (also my oncologist so nice to see a familiar face). Again I was given the opportunity to ask any questions. Back to waiting room. 15 minutes later taken off to theatre (after answering a couple of the same questions again, they like to be sure) where I was met by 2 anaesthetists and a support guy. I had 3 people all doing different things, one asking questions, one placing stickers on me (for ecg?) and one preparing my hand for the anaesthetic (the needle didn't hurt at all and I'm a complete needle phobe) next thing I know they're injecting the stuff in to me, no pain just feels a bit cold, and breathing in an oxygen mask. After what felt like a few seconds I felt my body go a little bit tingly and I don't remember anything after that. Woke up at 2:30 (I think) to no pain even though I had a pack in and a catheter. Was transferred to ward very quickly and allowed visitors straight away. I'm not going to lie I did after a while find the pack and catheter very uncomfortable and painful when I moved. My catheter wouldn't drain properly so I felt like I needed to wee a lot. Surgeon came in for a chat to let me know everything went well and to answer any questions. I won't get my results by post or phone she will tell me in person in 3 weeks (I already have the appointment) Anyway, at 9 I had my pack removed, and was very shocked at how long it was, it took forever (or felt like it) to pull it out and it was uncomfortable but bearable. Catheter came out 2 hours later which was a small amount of pain for a couple of seconds. I am now completely pain free and getting ready to go to sleep. As long as I can wee on my own 3 times in the night I'll be able to go home tomorrow morning :). I hope this gives people an idea of what to expect. I'm not feeling any effects of the GA, I was a little slurred speechy and drowsy when I first woke up but that soon wore off and no sickness or anything. Sorry this is so long. Hope it helps. Big hugs xxx

Hi Jojo :-)

Brilliant post! Thank you. I think the reason that the 'pack' is so long is because it is 'packed' into you but comes out unravelled.

Be lucky :-)

Thank you Tivoli. I was so confused about it lol, it reminded me of when clowns pull the ribbon out of their mouths and it goes on and on and on. Very strange. I hope you're well xxx

Hi JoJo bet you are glad it's done now. I bizarrely didn't find the catheter bad I didn't even know i had it in and was amazed to see my bag full as I hadn't known I had been going.  I found the embarrassment of the nurse emptying it worse but she assured me it wasn't anything to be embarrassed about. 

Hope you recover quickly and try and plan some nice things to keep you busy before your appointment.  The fact they said it's more likely to be 1a1 is a good sign as they generalmy know. Xxx

This is very useful, thank you :-) Hope you have a quick recovery xx

I think it was possibly the pack that was uncomfortable because when that was removed I couldn't really feel the catheter. For some reason mine didn't drain properly for the first few hours which meant I had wee stuck in my bladder so I think that's what made it uncomfortable to start with. So glad to be back in my bed although the nurses did go out of their way to make sure I was OK, I even had my own room! Xxx

Hiya! I'm glad it all went ok....Thankyou for this post! I have my cone in 2 weeks so it was really helpful to read about your experience!

Hope your recovery goes well!


Thanks girls :D. Good luck Kirsty, day after surgery and no pain or discomfort at all, just a bit sleepy so bed time for me now! xxx

That's exactly it! And yes, I'm very well thanks :-)

Be lucky :-)