Cone biopsy tomorrow

I'm having my cone biopsy tomorrow and I cant wait - I know that probably sounds weird but its been a long 6 weeks since my CC diagnosis waiting for this date to come around so I will be so glad to just get it done finally :)

Not at all nervous (yet) about the procedure but not looking forward to the next wait for those results and finding out if the cancer is all gone. I'll let you know when I hear...

Hope everyone else is doing good :) 

Sophie x

Good luck for tomorrow Boop, I have everything crossed for you x

Good luck tomorrow! I felt exactly the same! I felt I’d waited that long for my op that I practically skipped into the hospital!

All the best - and take it easy whilst your healing! :slight_smile: xx

Thanks all. It went well, they took a big chunk and its bleeding quite a lot but not bad enough to warrant me staying so I'm home already :) bit sore and tired but not feeling as bad as expected. So glad to get it over and done with. Now comes the wait for the results :) xxx

Well done Boop! Sending you lots of love. Rest & relax as much as you can.

X x

Hi Sophie,

Well done lovely.  Make sure you rest and extra take care of yourself.  

Tess xx Smile