Cone biopsy results


I was diagnosed with cervical cancer 1a1 in April after a lletz treatment. Consultant explained they’d be scheduling me in for cold come biopsy to check cancer hasn’t spread and then it would be a hysterectomy either way as my family was complete. I went for cold cone on Thursday 19th may consultant said it would take 3 weeks for results. Just under 2 weeks later and I got the phone call from his secretary to come see him tomorrow to discuss results. I was told he could see me anytime which made me panic. I’m now sitting here imagining the worst cos the whole thing has been so quick. Can anyone else remember how long it took them to find out their results and does anyone have any ideas how I’m gonna get to sleep tonight (bar knocking myself out)



Jan 2016 went for routine smear

feb 2016 called for colposcopy after abnormal cells detected biopsies taken

april 2016 confirmed abnormal stage 3 precancerous cells and given lletz treatment told see you in 6 months

26 April 2016 called in to see consultant told had cancer (world fell apart) believed stage 1a1 red flagged for cone biopsy

19may 2016 cold cone biopsy to stage cancer waiting for results

Hi Tanya :-)

Most people here are totally stressed because they have to wait several weeks for results! Sleepless nights and bitten fingernails or what! We are all agreed on this forum that the waiting to know what's what is actually the very worst part. Actually being told you have cancer, actually having a hysterectomy, actually going through five weeks of chemo-radiotherapy are all a breeze in comparison to waiting to hear results. So, sorry if you have a sleepless night tonight but I promise you, tomorrow will be easier than you expect :-)

Be lucky :-)

Hi Tanya, your results and stage seem very similar to mine. I have been left terribly confused after being given my results of my Cone Biopsy over the phone by a nurse of Friday. I have just logged on here to seek some advice. I live in Australia.

I had a Cone Biopsy Tuesday 2 weeks ago for Grade 1a1. My previous history is noted in my signature.The nurse called and read out my pathodology results below which note no residual malignancy in Cone Biopsy and CIN 1 and HPV completely excised. Then I was shocked to hear the recommendation for a hysterectomy recommended!

She said results were good but the hysterectomy was recommended by the Tumor Board at the hospital. The extract below is from the letter which was dictated by the Gynacologist Oncologist Dr who has been treating me. I am so terribly confused as he had said before the Cone that it was very early stages (1a1) and there would be options to allow me to have children. (I am 32)

Can anyone provide advice on these results. Does it mean a hysterectomy is recommdned laternin my life?


Indication for procedure:


LLETZ 1A1 cervical CA


30/05/17 EUA, Cone Biopsy, Cystoscopy, Sigmoidoscopy, Staging.

Final Pathology:

no residual malignancy in cone biopsy, but residual dysplasia.

A. Cone biopsy cervix: FOCAL CIN 1 and HPV, completely excised.

No residual malignancy.

B. Curettings: Late secretory endometrium.





Hysterectomy recommended.