Cone Biopsy results

Hi All, please can someone provide some advice: first abnormal smear Dec 2014, LSIL, Follow up smear 7 months later, HSIL.


Cone Biopsy (using Leep) and ECC (D&C) - Sept 2015 - results: Cin 11/111, unclear margins on Ecto and Endocervical but ECC clear,

no sign of any malignant cells. Doc tried to preserve as much of my cervix as possible for fertiliy reasons and therefore took as little as possible

Doc advised vaccine to try trigger immune repsonse. Follow up in 3 months (Dec 2015).

Has anyone had a similar experiance, what are the chances that the cauterisation can clear the margins?

My husband and i have been TTC and would be really sad to have to go for another cone. taking a handful of diffirent immune boosters

as well as I3complex, COEnzymeQ10, folic, B's etc

Looking for some re-assurance!!