Cone Biopsy Results Waiting time

Hi Folks,

I've posted about this before but I had a cone biopsy under GA after pre-cancerous cells being identified at the colposcopy biopsy.   Was told after the cone op that they looked very high grade and they had taken quite a bit of my cervix away.

I was told 4 weeks for my results and when I called last week and again today, the results are not yet back from the lab.  Does anyone know if this is normal?  Should I be worried about the length of time they are taking?  I have got myself really worked up and convinced its bad news and am really stressing.  I suffer from depression and can feel the symptoms starting so I know I really need to try to relax more and not stress but it's not easy.

Also I really want a bath but am still bleeding so assume it not a good idea. 

Any advice would be appreciated.  


No news is always good news in these cases!

Thank you, I know you are right and am going to try and relax and focus on that.  

Am treating myself to a hot bath tonight.  It's over 4 weeks since my op so figure it will be fine.

Thanks for replying xxx