cone biopsy - please help

Hi All,

i have only just joined this website but would like to say a huge thanks as it has massively helped me through this horrible time being able to read how others have dealt and coped with things.

i am 24 and recently diagnosed with cc stage 1a1. by first smear came back as high abnormalities and was reffered for colposcopy, the consultant advised me at the time it was definately cin3 and covered all the cervix so had to do 2 loop biopsys to get rid. 2 weeks later i was then advised it was cc.


ive had an mri scan which they confirmed its early stages and microinvasive , they had a mdt meeting and advised i should have cone biopsy to try and treat this to preserve my fertility as i have not yet had hildren.


i had the procedure on tuesday and had to stay overnight due to them not be able to stop the bleeding, i have since come home and my stomach is extremely bloated and suffering with back ache and some sharpe pains in my ribs. Ive been to the doctors and they confirmed i have a urine still bleeding is this normal ? im slighly freaking out and dont know whether something is wrong? also can anybody tell me if after there cone biopsy did they have to have furhter treatment?


if anybody can help that would be greatly appreciated.


thanks in advance.


lots of love.



im so sorry to hear that you've had a diagnosis and so young. I know this all must feel so overwhelming for you. It sounds like the treatments left you feeling pretty grim. How're you getting on? Xxxx

Hi Katie,

I had very similar to you but i didnt have clear margins after my first cone so i had to have a second cone biopsy.... did your consultant say when you would get your results?? i think i got mine after surgery within 2 weeks. most of the time no further treatment is required.

As for the bleeding that can go on a while and it is perfectly normal. You will start to feel better just try not to worry and rest easier said than done i know. If you want any other info please feel free to ask.