Cone Biopsy...anyone??


I’m booked in to have a cone biopsy on Tuesday 23rd Feb… I just wanted to know if anyone has had this? I’m absolutely terrified! I’ve never been under GA before so that’s making it worse!

I’ve already had loop diathermy treatment but they found more abnornal cells ‘further up’ hence why I need further treatment.

I just can’t stop thinking the worst case scenario!

Any stories/advice would very much be appreciated :slight_smile:

Lots of love and luck xx

Hi - I had cone early January - they didn't find anything on the surface biopsys but the cone confirmed the high grade smear result so am guessing mine was further up.

The procedure was fine - was only under GA for about an hour - I think these days they have anaesthesia down to a fine art so you come round quite quickly. Got to hospital about 11am - had surgery about 4pm and was at home by 8pm.  

I felt okay really afterwards - I had a week off work though to be honest I think emotionally I probably could have done with another week off - I was very tired but I guess everyone is different. I found the waiting for results quite stressful also.

I bled for about a month - I had an infection though - once I started antibiotics the bleeding slowly stopped.  I was at slightly higher risk as they removed and re fitted my coil during the op.  

Take something to do - I was sat around for a good 4 hours before was taken to theatre.  

Hope this helps and good luck with yours x

Hi I had a cone biopsy in May last year . My history was abnormal smear results so referred to colposcopy , at this they found severe changes defo CIN 3 but cc couldn't be ruled out , it had also spread in my vagina so they thought a cone biopsy best treatment . I wasn't to worried about the GA but more the procedure itself and what they would find . The procedure itself went well I was in and out in a day ,with regard to the GA it was fine you get a drip in your hand some meds to relax you then next thing you know you are awake and it's all over . As I had to have tissue removed from my vagina I needed stitches and had quite a lot of bleeding . My advise would be plenty of painkillers , hotpack / hot water bottle rest I took some time of work and was glad I did both emotionally and physically. Good luck hope all goes well 

Anne X 

If you click my name and look at my previous posts I've put a detailed account of my cone biopsy experience which was last August. You'll be fine :). Good luck with it all xxx

Hope it went well!!