Cone Biopsy after effects


I had a cone biopsy and removal of the lymph nodes for stage 1b1 cancer, and it was nearly 3 weeks ago and wanted to know if its normal to have on and off sharp pain in the bottom sides of my stomachs and it being very swollen where i look pregnant. I can deal with this if thats just the after effect but im worried theres complications or something. Im due back at the hospital tomorrow for my results so i could ask the surgeon but i wanted personal feedback. I am also bleeding but it doesnt fill the pad up within the hour which ive heard is a cause for concern.

Thank you very much much
Vicky xxx

Lletz sept 16 which confirmed Stage 1b1
MRI confirmed cancer been removed
Cone and lymph removal 26 Nov

Hi vicky, I had a cone biopsy. I had the sharp twingy pains I think but no swelling but I didn't have lymph nodes removed so maybe it's because of that x

Hi Libby

Thank yoi for your reply. Hope fully its due to that

Vicky xxx

Hi Vicky I meant to reply yesterday when I saw your post.

I had a cone biopsy in oct and then more recently trachelectomy and lymph node removal. I would say in my experience I had some bloating after the cone biopsy and took pain killers for a while after. The pain wasn't too bad just like cramps. Can I ask how they removed the lymph nodes? My recent op was done through an abdominal incision so not sure if I can offer the right advice but I had a swollen stomach it still is but has gone down a lot. I am now in my 3rd week post op. I know my reply is a bit of a mish mash but hope it helps x 

Hello Misstell,

No problem thank you for your reply. I had key hole to remove the lymph nodes which was 5 incisions. Im hoping when i go today everything is clear and no further treatment is needed at this time. I wish you a speedy recovery! Vicky xxx

Good luck for today! I will have my fingers crossed for you!x