Cone and lymph node removal tomorrow-your experiences please..

Hi ladies!!

So my surgery day is approaching fast and I go in tomorrow morning.. Last week at the preop the consultant announced that they decided to do a cone instead of trachelectomy as planned as my tumour is shallow and small volume (I'm staged at 1b1 though). I've been trying to search the forum for the experiences but it seems very few of us get just the cone with lymph nodes removed and I wonder if anyone can share your experiences of what to expect after surgery-realistic recovery times, how long the surgery takes etc.. I've never been under general anaestethic and am very nervous about all of this..  And of course the wait for the results after is not anything I look forward to either.. I was told I might only need to stay 1 night at the hospital and hope that they are right, would much rather recover at home..  That's it really, just looking for some reassurance... I will be back to report my own experience when I feel strong enough:)))

Take care everyone!

xx Anna



Hi Anna,

good luck tomorrow! I had a cone and lymph node in July. Weren't we wondering why we had different treatments plannd before?! 

I had my surgery in the afternoon.. Woke up in the recovery area mild pain wasn't going to take anything and the nurse suggested i'd be best pain free so gave me some morphine ;) . I heard some anasthetic horror stories, my experience was positive, was reassured when put to sleep and was fully orientes with a nurse at my side when I woke up. so much easier thab I expected.

I did have a catheter, I wrongly tried to wear some pants that night (just felt all wrong in a hospital gown and no pants) - big mistake- I got my catheter all caught up and woke up in agony in the night... More morphine  and unhooking- I was fine! Just one night in hospital- drank about 3 jugs of water to prove I could pee to be let out! 


Next few days my pain was all controlled with paracetamol, ibuprofen and optional codeine (I took very few codeine as they contribute to constipation- but did if I needed to be more active) They blow you full of air during the surgery-  2 problems- constipation and trapped gas which sends this really strange shooting pain up to your shoulders! But it eases quickly.


I was a bit slow on my feet, and eating and laughing at the same time was a problem- but individually ok- we has a no jokes at the dinner table rule! Eating little and often helps.


I was given the all clear 3 weeks later - still have some abnormal cells but that's common Apparantly. 1 month to go till my 1st review.


Hope this helps... If there's anything else on your mind just ask... Thinking of you! xxx



Hi Rhi! Thank you for your detailed and quick reply, it surely helps! Yes, I asked you before how come you had a cone for the same stage. I was explained that it's unusual and they wanted my consent to go ahead with the least invasive option..

Great to hear that you had a relatively painless and easy recovery, that's what I'm praying for too:)) Just one last question: how long was it before you were able to go out? I have an event I'd love to attend at the end of next week, but do understand that I'm most likely being very very optimistic.. One can always hope though:))

Good luck with your review in a month, sounds like you are doing very well, I will be thinking of you too!


I went out to tesco a week post op! It did feel like a big step... Which is so strange, then maybe a show after about 10 days. Although having said that managed to travel from London to north wales 2 days post op no problem! I guess it depends what the event is... If there's space for you to sit.. And if you can take a stronger pain killer to get through... I always think it's better to get on with it as much as possible, within you limits. And if it's something you can go to and leave early if you need to? keep your optimism and fingers crossed you can make it :) . I think you've made a good choice to go least restrictive.. 

Big hug... Let us know how you get on xxx

Thank you for all the info Rhi:)) 

Hope to be able to update asap!! 


Hi Anna :-)

I think Michelle86 had exactly the same treatment as you. If you search for her in the User Directory you might be able to find what you are looking for. I haven't seen her around on the forum for a while so I expect she's well, happy and getting on with life but I'm sure she would be happy for you to PM her if you wanted to.

Be lucky :-)

Thank you Tivoli:))

I'm sitting at the hospital waiting for my turn and am very bored so will read about Michelle's experience!!

xx Anna

Hi Anna. Can I ask what the dimensions of your tumor were? I was also offered cone biopsy vs. trachelectomy for a shallow 1B1. Just interested to hear their thinking as it seems to differ quite a bit sometimes!


Thought i'd send my dimensions while Anna's recovering. mine was 1.5mmx9mm- so long and thin. I was never given the option of a trachelectomy, I think a lot of my cells were external and the majority were removed by lletz (not sure if that influenced the decision to not offer a trach, never asked the reason). 

Are you in the process of deciding the best option for you? 

* hope you're recovering well Anna *



Hi! I'm now done with the surgery and am recovering, hoping to go home today.. will write a post with detailed experience but it has been fine, I expected much worse.

My dimensions after the Lletz were 15mm by 8mm and 2.7 mm deep. I then had an internal MRI where they checked if there was anything left as margins on one side weren't clear.

It didn't show anything so we'll see what they find in what was removed after surgery. I haven't seen the doctors yet they just briefly mentioned to my boyfriend that the surgery went fine..

Hi Anna & Rhi. 


So interesting to hear everyones different treatment recommendations. Mine was 18mm x 1.8mm - also long and thin. One team recommended trachelectomy and the other lletz. I went with trachelectomy in the end - not an easy decision!

Hope your recovery is going well Anna!



Hi Katie

What you describe is totally normal after lymph removal.  The shoulder pain is from the gas they pump into the abdomen to give them more room to find the lymph nodes - peppermint tea helped me.  I had very bad sweliing of the hips, stomach and pubic area.  it took about 2 weeks to go fully. I also lost feeling in the top of my left thigh.  I'm now 11 months post op and still have a loss of sensation there.  Doesn't bother me at all though. 

Good luck with your recovery - it seems highly unlikley they will find anyting in the lymph nodes but at least you will be given peace of mind and can get on with your life witout too much worry xxx

Glad you're feeling a bit better.  I work for myself so it's a bit different.  I started doing a bit of work at home after 4 weeks, but didn't do any real work/long days until week 6. I needed the time to get over it mentally as much as physically.  As you haven't had the trach though you may feel better much sooner. 

Any questions just shout.