Hi ladies

How have u all been. I have a question i would like to ask u dont have to answer me but would love to hear from u. Do any of u not wear condoms with your boyfriend or hushand after having cc. I am woundering if i need to or not never did before because i am married and have been for 10 years. So thanks again ladies

In my prayers :-)

Hi there

no condoms here! And hubby and I are actually both enjoying not worrying about birth control or planning holidays around my period. I do not miss that horrible old towel underme when I sleep in fear I might have an accident every month. I have thrown out all my old period underwear and wear sexy ones everyday of the month ..... 

there are some pros to this journey....

if its HPV you are worried about its already in you so you cannot be reinfected. 


That's the best part of having rad hyst I suppose, no more monthly visits! I've just had mine so not even thinking that far ahead yet, but looking forward to feeling normal again. Xxxx

I'm on the contraceptive implant and have been for a number of years - I have no plans whatsoever to change my contraception or use condoms. It would be all change if I get a new partner of course but as me and my partner are planning on getting married next year I'm hoping to never use condoms again!

Lolli888 is right, if you already have HPV using condoms with your husband will make no difference at all. Do what makes you feel comfortable but don't feel that you now have to switch to condoms with your husband because of having CC.