Condoms in monogomous relationship

I’ve gotten differing opinions on this from two doctors. One says we should use condoms cause of reinfection of hpv, the other says it doesn’t matter at this point cause we both have it. Even if it’s dormant, it’s still there.

What do you do?

Hello hianon my doctor recommended condoms and another gynecologist that I spoke to also. I think it makes sense to use it they said it reduced the risk of getting infected again. Not sure if that works but at this point I prefer to do everything I can to make this go away.

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I thought of it today and then I thought I just couldn’t. I value the intimacy too much of not using them. Weirdly maybe because my partner is autistic and want that connection.
I have been getting vaccinated though.
I just thought for how long ? And then I thought you have to live

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We never use condoms as I was told by my gynaecologist that although a condom can reduce the risk of HPV, it doesn’t cover the area around the genitals so any skin to skin contact or non penetrative sex can pass it on.