Concerns over lack of follow up care

18 months ago after a routine pap I was diagnosed with cervical carcinoma in situ with possible invasive cancer. I was living overseas at

the time and had a hysterectomy with clear margins followed by 6 monthly check ups at a great facility involving an ultrasound, ovary

check, vaginal smear and pelvic exam. I also had blood tests for markers, a rectal exam and was advised to have an abdominal scan.


Now back in the UK (I am British) my GP says that these procedures are all pointless and I need no follow up? I am very concerned.

I asked her how I would know if cancer returned and she said to come back if I had any bleeding. 


What is normal follow up and what can I do to protect myself ensuring early detection if the cancer reappears?

I would ring the gynea/onc department of your local hospital. Explain your story, and your Gp's response and see what they say. You say you had CIS with possible invasive cancer. these two things will be treated very differently as follow up procedure. 

Thanks for your reply 365. i was always told invasive cancer could not be ruled out  after my cone biopsy did not get to te edge of abnormal cells. After a hysterectomy my uterus showed no cancer. Is this sifficient to rule out any possibility of return? My previous dr was checkig for return in the vagina.


Hi Hypatia

I just had radical hysterectomy for stage 1B1.

I will need to have every 3 months smears on the vagina

please do not leave it and push your GP for follow up

I was told at my lletz that I would see them for 6 monthly check ups because I had abnormal cells. Things have gone slightly differently because they found cancer but my point is I was under the impression you're seen every 6 months after abnormal cells until you give a clear result so I would check with the hospital. The other tests you've had I'm pretty sure aren't done as standard in the UK for abnormal cells or early cancer. Xxx