Concerning feeling in vagina after d+c, endo ablation and cone biopsy

Hi all,


I've been reading alot of posts on this forum but still don't feel I have a definite answer to my question.  I had a d+c, endometrial ablation and cone biopsy done on last monday (so today is a week post-op). The endo ablation was for my bleeding/pain due to endometriosis and the biopsy was because they found CIN3.  Initally out of the operating room I was crampy and had some moderate bleeding but once home all bleeding for the most part stopped for three days.  I felt pretty darn good. The only thing i was experiencing was a 'gushing' feeling here and there of what appeared to be slightly pinkish clear fluid.  The cramping was minimal.  The day of surgery I had stopped my birth control for good thinking the ablation would resolve some of the issues i was having related to my endometriosis.  Day four I started to REALLY cramp up, headaches,bloating and started to bleed like i would a period.  Since then the bleeding has been pretty steady. So much so i notice drops in the toliet when I go to pee and wipe. Wearing a pad isn't an option at this point due to the bleeding.  I had just assumed I got my period until today. My question of yesterday I started to have this feeling like something is in my vagina. I would describe it as if when you put a tampon in and it isn't in feel it in there. This is what I'm feeling. Do you think this is normal? Is it my cervix I'm feeling? Or should i be concerned? I have been fairly active since the day after surgery..driving to get groceries(but not lifting anything heavy),  a short walk around the mall, making dinner etc.. I was just hoping to see if anyone experienced this sensation after their procedure? 

Hi Darkday, 

did you go to your gp? How are you feeling now?