Hi everyone,

This is my first time in here so I hope I am writing this in the right section, apologies if not .

I’d like to know people’s thoughts and I know I’m over thinking but it’s hard not to .

Ok so all previous smear have been abnormal , I think Iv had 3 or 4. The last one I had was abnormal with hpv.

I then had a smear 6 months later to see if it would go back to normal by itself etc but when I phoned for the results I was told the lab refused to test it as it wasn’t the 3 years cycle!?

I have then recently been back and didn’t realise it had actually been 4 years since my last smear!

The nurse checked my notes and couldn’t believe that I have been left for 4 years and my test wasn’t checked, also I didn’t relieve a letter a year ago for the 3 year smear.

I am now waiting for a smear I had done nearly two weeks ago and I’m worried what the results might be .

I’d be interested hear if anyone would also be worried x