I hope I can get some advice. I am due to have a colposcopy on the 23rd after having an abnormal test plus hpv. In the past I have had a severe change and needed a lletz procedure (3 years ago).

I have moved since this happened and the clinic have not mentioned that it is recurring. In fact they seemed to have very little documentation of anything.

What happens when this is the case??

I hope someone can help and put my mind at ease.

Thank you 

Jo xxx


Hi Jojo,

Have you mentioned it to them? Have you told them which clinic you were treated at before? I think that should help a lot. Where I live it's my responsibility to look after my notes, scans and X-rays so nobody else is to blame if they get lost! Lol.

Be lucky


I mentioned it to the nurse that did the smear but she wasn't really listening. As it is recurring do you know how they normally treat it? I will bring the colposcopy nurse tomorrow. Thank you so much for responding.


Jo xx

Hi again Jojo,

I believe that they would treat it with another LLETZ but this really is not my field of expertise. You would do well to read through the Colposcopy section on this forum.

Be lucky