Hello, I'm after some advise please. I'm 37, and I've had abnormal normal bleeding for several months. Postcoital, and spotting at other times. However I've had previous cervical erosion, so I wasn't concerned. My 3 yearly smear was due in July this year (I hadn't realised) I went for it last week, and on Wednesday I received a letter. It says I have high grade dyskaryosis, and need to have a colposcopy. Now that's worrying on its own, but when I went for my smear I mentioned the bleeding to the nurse, who told me (after performing the smear) I've got no erosion. She automatically tested me for STI's (I've been married for 14 years) that is clear. I can't seem to find any information, for people who are 'symptomatic' with high grade dyskaryosis. Any information or advice, would be hugely appreciated. As my minds, running wild.

Hi Yazz, i had the same smear results in febuary, i had to go for colopscopy had cells removed by loop and they sent a biopsy to the lab and it came back CIN 3, clear margins, i have to go every 6 months for a smear test which i had my follow up on Tuesday awaiting results now, it is scary stuff. But your be amazed on how many women go through this. Any questions feel free to ask, your be okay.

Hi, I have moderate dyskartists and high risk hpv and also have the same symptoms as you for over 3 years! Saw doctor twice over the years with symptoms (also had an erosion which cleared up on own) doc put bleeding down to the mirena coil. At my colposcopy told her about the symptoms she didn't seem overly concerned. Now awaiting results from biopsy. 

easy to say but try not to worry And good luck. 

Thank you ladies. I'm annoyed that I didn't go to the doctors earlier. I just put the bleeding down to the erosion. Which did need treatment when I had it last time. Can I ask, from experience are most people told a colposcopy if the doctor believes there may be cc? I feel like I'm walking around in a dream world. I've always been a pessemist. Which isn't a good trait to have! Especially in these circumstances. 

they have to call you for colopscopy to see the cervix better, they might do treatment there and then. They book people in for a colopscopy because off you smear result. Severe is either CIN2 or 3, if you have CIN1 it will go back to normal by itself, whereas CIN2&3 have to be removed, because if they dont they will turn cancerous if left untreated over time. The colopscopy is nothing to worry about it, its just like having a smear done. Only uncomfortable part i found was the injection but that last 4 seconds. You feel nothing after. They burn the bad cells and send them off to get tested. at the moment im waiting for my follow up smear results... never ending i know but try to relax :). I was just like you worrying and thinking the worst but worrying wont help the situation. I couldnt sleep at nightsetc but my results came back not great but it wasnt the c word. Stay positive, i know its hard ive been there and might have to be there again, who knows... 

Thank you Kel05! When do you find out your results? I'm sick of worrying now. It's not going to change anything. Roll on the 4th November. Hopefully I'm bit a closer to finding out. I just need to try and let it go for now. Good luck xx

Im waiting for follow up smear results, which after a colopscopy you have to have 6 months smears. I had my smear done on Tuesday so even waiting for those are nervy. I know what its like to wait for the colopscopy but its just like a smear. All the best and let me know how you get on, your be fine.