Concerned following Colposcopy

I went for a colposcopy yesterday due to redness and bleeding on contact being noticed when having my smear.

The results from the smear came back normal so I went along to the colposcopy fairly happy with what would happen and what they would find.

It was much more invasive than I imagined. The dr said straight away you have a cervical ectropion she went on to say im going to take 2 biopsy’s do you want a local anaesthetic? and I said no ill be grand - big mistake always take the anaesthetic. it was sooooo painful.

Next thing they couldn’t stop the bleeding - 2 sets of silver nitrate. then they said ok we have to give you the local anaesthetic to do a treatment to stop the bleeding. at this point the Dr is panicked. thank god that the nurse was calm. The bleeding still wouldn’t stop so the Dr asked the nurse to call the consultant. By the time the consultant came the bleeding had stopped.

so in all this panic I didn’t get to ask her what did she see. all I know is I have a very vascular cervix and that they will mark the biopsy’s as urgent because im having a D&C after Easter.

I wish it wasn’t so manic so I would have been able to ask questions. I guess ill just have to sit tight and hope for the best.

Hi I had a similar experience with the bleeding although my smear was abnormal and colposcopy showed severe changes. I had LLETZ under local anaesthetic. Immediately after they just couldn't stop the bleed. I'd had the abnormal cells removed and was just told the underlying cells must be vascular. Because of this they asked for 2 week turn around For biopsY. I'm sure if they had seen anything abnormal they would have said and I'm sure they could give you further info if you called the clinic. I seem to have a total blank about my procedure. I'm glad my husband was there to tell me what was said because in my panic I just can't remember! 

I've tried to stay calm. I find out Monday what the results are. I'm having a d&c and coil fitted for gyne issues that I have been having. The issues are what prompted a smear. I'll be glad once I have all this worry behind me.

As you said they would have informed me better if they felt they needed to.

I'm going to give them feedback about not explaining to me fully why they were taking biopsy. It caused unnecessary distress.