Concerned and over thinking

March last year I had a colposcopy and 3 biopsies taken due to a series of events/symptoms that I had been having for about a year (mainly bleeding during/after sex). The results came back as CIN1 and I was told to have regular (6 month) smear to check the CIN1.

Since then, a lot of things have happened (in regards to losing jobs, suffering from anxiety/depression and moving house - and I forgot to update GP on house move). It was only a few days ago that I realised it has been a while since my colposcopy (although only writing this topic now do I realise just how much time has passed). To cut a long story short, I collected my old mail from my old neighbour and discovered several NHS letters concerning not booking a cervical smear test. Worried, I contacted my GP and booked an appointment for a weeks time.

Now, as someone who does suffer from anxiety I do have a tendency to overthink things… And I am going completely out of my mind about the fact that I’ve left it OVER a year to have a smear (when I was supposed to have one after 6 months) especially after my CIN1 result. I’m really worried that it could’ve progressed in this time?

Does CIN1 progress quickly into CIN2 (if it hasn’t gone away by itself)? Or is this a process that can take years and years?

Just a little background - in case it makes a difference - I am 24 years old.

Sorry about this long rambling message I just feel completely stupid for not realising it had been so long and now I am just really concerned.

Emily x

Hi Emily,

I just wanted to reply as my situation of CIN1 has been ongoing for what seems like ages too! 

For whatever reason, my body and immune system hasn't cleared it since 2010, whilst it's annoying I'm so glad it hasn't worsened.

That said, it has been and always is at the back of my mind. A few years back I'd missed a few 6 monthly smears, and one smear got lost in the system, so when I was still 'abnormal' last yr I felt sick to my stomach and was convinced it had progressed to CIN2 or worse. i started playing out all these scenarios in my head, beating myself up and feeling guilty that life got in the way of remembering my smear tests.

I used the Ask the Expert on here (they were great). The advice I was given was that every case is so different its so hard to say whether CIN1 will automatically progress to CiN2 or not.

Thankfully mine hadn't gotten worse. The CIN1 was just still there, hanging about, lurking! 


At my colposcopy last week I spoke with a lovely nurse specialist, and she told me that whilst in theory CIN1 should clear, it can 'stick around' for longer, and in some ladies it just does. 

Unfortunately, like you, stress has been a huge factor in my life the last two years, and I don't underestimate how much effect this may have had on my immune system not being 100% and clearing it. 

Im waiting now for the results of my HPV test to see if I carry a high risk of low risk HPV. Again more waiting, but at least in a month or two i will know for sure if it could develop to something  more sinister in the future or fingers crossed be nothing to worry about.

Sorry for my mahoosive post. Just didn't want you to worry and think CIN2 was inevitable for you, it may not have gotten worse, and fingers crossed it hasn't. 

I hope your next results are positive.


kat xxx